Why should art be confined to walls? These spectacular limited edition Harti luxe velvet armchairs are available for shipment immediately across the world. Rooted in timeless design and artisan craftsmanship, the chairs are sold in pairs. They feature the original work of a #Harti ‘Meaning’ painting split across the two armchairs.

Lush velvet fabric with separated chrome studs and a dark wood plinth, sleek and supportive making for the ultimate statement bold piece for your home or office. These armchairs are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring unrivalled quality & artistry.

Dimensions 80w x 85d x 100h x 46sh

Sascha Hartmann of Harti Art comments: “Why should my art be confined to canvas? Essentially this is functional art that brings a new dynamic to furniture. There is no eye so discerning as the eye of an artist. The objects that we choose to live with, be it furniture, ceramics, rugs or art, are meticulously considered and chosen to reflect our character and personal tastes. When people sit on the Harti arm or dining chairs, I want them to question their own self, as well as political, historical and religious doctrines that feature in my paintings. I’m a story teller and this unique furniture allows one to immerse oneself not only through my paintings perception, but through tactility, experiencing a new philosophical reality. My paintings capture and question belief systems, societal anxieties, political oppression, love, hate, desire - of course some will find it controversial. Each dining chair features a ‘commentary pop art’ face, our ‘collective subconscious’ if you will. The aim? To stimulate, engage and challenge one to peel back layers of their own mind through dramatic artistic commentaries. At least one can sit down, if discussing ‘Heliocentrism 1534 vs The Megalomania of the Church’ offends you!"

Please note that you will be contacted separately to confirm shipping and delivery dates. Your order will be processed WITHOUT a shipping cost due to the nature of the size and destination.